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A little something I wrote last night. I feel grumpy today - lots of walking no workout for 2 days busy week volunteer interview tutoring kid stuff work stuff got peed on today while helping 3 ESL kids with fractions and sums that was fun hard to focus on 364+539 with a wet lap and a screaming toddler next to me my almost 6  year old is now saying no like she [...]
We’re making our plans for our trip to England in November. We’re probably going to be an hour and a half train ride from London. So, where should we go? What should we see? Where do we just HAVE to eat? Keep in mind, it’s November and we’ll have our kids with us - Aliyah [...]
Apparently my city is a testing ground for Cricket. They’ve brought us the Stanford 20/20 Cricket Tournament through the technology of Cable TV. This Stanford guy (Texan - as all good crazy things come out of Texas) is investing a lot of money here during this month-long push with viewing parties, training classes and all [...]
I do layout and design for a woman’s literary magazine that seeks to provide a safe space for expression of honest womanhood in all it’s raw and varied forms. I’m proud to be part of this venture and am privledged to lend my skills. I am also honored to be friends with the inspiration and [...]
God is weird. That is my conclusion, after knowing him for 20+ years, the most profound thing I’ve discovered is that God is weird. “Sacrilege!”you say? Nah, think about it, the dictionary definition of weird is “mysteriously strange or fantastic. WEIRD may imply an unearthly or supernatural strangeness.” Sounds like God to me.
Last year, I had a few friends going through some really difficult situations and were experiencing a lot of "where is God?" moments, and instead of trying to have all the answers, I felt it was more important to share my own doubts. So in the spirit of "I'm not perfect" that I started yesterday, I post it again for you today.
Taking a cue from a woman (mom, wife, copastor, and beautifully flawed human) I deeply admire and hope to become better friends with in the months and years to come, I would like to share my top 12 (I'm gonna top Kathy hehe) utterly humiliating beautifully HUMAN things about me.
“If people are equipped in the “BEing”, they won’t have to be coerced in the “DOing”. Makeesha January 2006