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fantastic podcast on pentecostalism

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SOF: Pentecostalism - The Origins and Impact [Speaking of Faith® from American Public Media]

In 2006, Pentecostals from all around the globe traveled to the birthplace of this tradition — Azusa Street in Los Angeles. We were there to cover the centennial celebration — and now we bring this program into the present, exploring the origins, theology, and impact of this faith that now reaches an estimated half a billion people globally.

If you are pentecostal, were pentecostal or criticize Pentecostals I strongly encourage you to listen to this speaking of faith episode. *an interesting side note that is made in this episode is that Palin and at least 2 high ranking Obama staffers are or have Pentecostal roots*

In spite of my criticisms of my experience within pentecostal churches and in spite of the fact that I do not currently worship with Pentecostals, I would probably still consider myself pentecostal at least in some small way. I prefer the term mystic because it doesn’t have so much of the evangelical and fundamentalist baggage (although I admit, mystic has its own baggage as far as labels go) but truth be told, I’m still a pentecostal at the core of my personal spiritual story and experience.

This podcast was very well done IMO and the man Tippett interviewed articulated the history and influence of Pentecostalism VERY well.

I don’t think you’ll find it a waste of your time to have a listen. I can only hope that Pentecostals will some day return, en mass, to the things that really set them apart over 100 years ago…it’s those things in fact, that make me say that in many ways, the ECM (emerging church movement) is, at its heart, Pentecostal in the ways that make historical Pentecostalism great. (minus the craziness and abuses of course *little smirk*)

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  1. Carlo — September 29, 2008 #

    thanks for this - i will try and check out the link.

    in terms of this whole subject, i found Robbie Mac’s book, Post Charismatic, immensely helpful in understanding where a lot of our pentecostal beliefs and bizarre extremities come from.

  2. Mak — September 29, 2008 #

    yes, Robbie gave the subject a very good and thorough treatment indeed. This podcast had a bit more emphasis on pentecostalism as it was from 1906 on

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