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this is my profile pic from my xanga blog taken in 05 I think I have been blogging in this capacity now for 2 years. Actually, I have been blogging since June of 2004 but back then it was a family, parenting, mom blog with a few spiritual thoughts tossed in. In fact, I think I [...]
Taking a cue from Sonja, I’m going to link to the most popular posts according to Google Analytics. They’re not necessarily the most “active” in terms of conversation but they’re the most often read as far as I can tell. Enjoy I’ll be back after the new year with exciting and life changing [...]
*picture taken summer 2006 in her eternal home, Christmas Eve, 2007
**UPDATE** Grandma Malmberg transitioned to her eternal home yesterday evening while we were at my parents for Christmas Eve celebrations. All her family was there with her except for David who already saw her on Sunday and David’s brother who lives in Canada. It’s sad for us but so joyful for her. David’s [...]
Our digital family “card” Click to see full image.
I’ve decided I need to take this season to reorient myself - mostly with my time. I will probably post reflections on my daily advent readings and prayers but I won’t be reading blogs. I also won’t be responding to my emails as quickly as usual so just be patient I’m looking forward [...]
I’m not sure why but this is how I feel today. Doesn’t really match my pumpkin orange sweater but my mood is just sort of ambivalent. Which means I probably won’t get anything productive done. Oh, but in better news, here is my new tattoo - on the inside of my right forearm. Pretty cool eh? [...]
Life is indeed a mysterious and endless journey on a path that often leads “who knows where?”. Every Thanksgiving, I find myself stumbling over a large turkey who, sounding not unlike Nixon strangely enough, reminds me that I need to pause more often and create more space in my soul for thankful expressions. So here [...]