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First parent-teacher conference this year

We had our first parent-teacher conference of the year with Shayel’s first grade teacher. We have been so pleased with this school - it’s an International Bachelorreat curriculum and a very diverse school because it is the neighborhood school for most of the international students at CSU.

She’s doing wonderful this year, the teacher didn’t have a single suggestion or anything she was concerned about. She raved about how kind, empathetic and friendly Shayel is. How she’s a diplomat and a peacemaker, a risk taker and is such a joy to have in the classroom because she embraces fully every experience and challenge with a big grin. Every person who knows Shayel longer than a few minutes know this about her and the biggest and most common compliment we get about her is that she lights up the room and always has joy to spare. We’re very proud of her and very grateful that the problem solving and peacemaking skills we have worked hard to model and teach have “stuck”.

Shayel is still horseback riding and doing very well. She’s off the lead rope now pretty much all the time and has started working on patterns. The real challenge with that is remembering what pattern the teacher has told her to ride.

We will probably get her in swimming lessons and she has expressed an interest in some sort of more formal music classes but for now, riding is enough. We’ll have to move her to an indoor arena in a couple months which means she’ll have to change horses and teachers but she seems ok with it.


  1. Ashley — September 29, 2008 #

    Shayel is getting so big! What a precious girl you’ve got there! <3

  2. Mak — September 29, 2008 #

    thanks ashley

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