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GENERATE Magazine launches today



ALBUQUERQUE, NM — GENERATE, a new magazine to be published by and for friends of the emerging church conversation, announced its launch today with a call for submissions for its inaugural edition, slated to be printed later this summer. GENERATE Magazine’s editorial team will be announced later this evening on their website,generatemagazine.com, and via their Twitter feed,@GENERATEmag.

Makeesha Fisher, co-founder and executive editor said, “Generate Magazine has been an open, collaborative project in the works for more than six years now. We convened an editorial staff earlier this year, and we’ve been focused on producing our first edition this summer. Even before the current team was convened there have been so many people who have poured energy in to the project. As we have been listening in, it is clear that, now more than ever, that these grassroots stories of action is what the emergent conversation needs.”

GENERATE will offer live coverage of The Emerging Church: Conversations, Convergence and Action Conference in Albuquerque this weekend, via a special online preview edition, on generatemagazine.com.

“We’re asking the people at the Emerging Church Conference to submit their blogposts, photos, video interviews, artwork, poems and reflections to us at [email protected] — our hope is to build a living online publication this weekend that’ll offer a taste of what GENERATE will offer the emergent conversation, “ said Tim Snyder, managing editor for GENERATE Magazine.

“The seeds for GENERATE Magazine were sown sitting around a fountain in San Diego at an Emergent conference in 2004 — a few writers, poets, artists and designers explored and dreamed about launching a print publication that would embody the ethos — and tell the stories of — the emerging church conversation,” said GENERATE creative director and co-founder Paul Soupiset. He continued, “Then, at the Emergent Gathering in 2007, we re-gathered a group of interested people, and GENERATE is what was birthed out of that session.”

The Emerging Church Conference is sold out according to event staff, but the public can follow the conference via a webcast at cacradicalgrace.org, and follow the conference conversations on Twitter at #cac09.

GENERATE exists as a forum to retell the stories of the grassroots communities and individuals who are finding emergent and alternative means to follow God in the Way of Jesus. We hope to create an artifact of this historical conversation. These stories will be transmitted through narrative, works of visual art, documented performances, verse, fiction, non-fiction, essays, and interviews.

We are seeking writers, poets, thinkers, artists, bloggers, tricksters, students, educators, musicians, clergy, skeptics, mystics, sinners and saints — plus everyday janes and joes — to submit original, recent works that explore, probe, rethink/reframe, question, hack, contemplate, and offer insight into the growing global conversation about following God in the Way of Jesus — its intersections, its life, its resultant creativity and community practice.



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  1. Mike Morrell — March 22, 2009 #

    I was talking to Paul S about this over the week - I’m excited!

  2. Ariah Fine — April 15, 2009 #

    Very cool. Are you taking article submissions?

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