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I’ll bet there, hope to see you.


Christianity 21: Faith in the 21st Century
21 Voices
21 Ideas
21 Minutes Each

We live in a time of epochal change.

Many find this change exciting; for others, it’s a challenge. Call it globalization, pluralization, or postmodernism, this change affects our economy, politics, government, and education—all of society. And, of course, our faith and our churches are not immune to change.

So we have gathered 21 of the most important voices for the future of Christianity—21 voices for the 21st century—to speak into our future as people of faith in this age. They represent a diverse array of backgrounds, interests, and passions, and they will provide a wide range of innovative and challenging presentations.

Christianity21 is less a conference and more a happening, an event—a gathering of voices and ideas that will shape the future of our faith. And to the 21 voices, we want you to add your voice, whether you’re a seeker or skeptic, leader or layperson, disciple or doubter.

We hope you consider joining your voice to ours at Christianity21.

Friday, October 9 – Sunday, October 11
Colonial Church of Edina
6200 Colonial Way
Minneapolis, MN 55436

I’ll use Nadia’s words here -  ”I’ll be one of the 21 speakers but don’t let that dissuade you from attending - the other presenters are legit.  It’s an amazing collection of voices.”

I’m blown away by the lineup and pretty sure someone made a mistake to put me in there but I’ll take it.   I’m super excited about this and hope you’ll consider attending.

My topic: Doubt is the new faith.

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  1. Lauren Martin Gauthier — March 26, 2009 #

    trying to figure out how i can possibly make this work….think, think, think…

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