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knowledge and experience - aside 2

So what’s the point of these recent posts? The epiphany I had a while back involved the convergence of stories in my own life that demonstrate a phenomenon that I think is not uncommon in experiences of emerging Christians. My hope is that by telling my stories, I can express the problem, the gap if you will between us and hopefully generate conversation about others’ experiences. The goal being to work toward a place of peaceful stillness if not active reconciliation.

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  1. Paul — September 24, 2007 #

    I like your series, it’s good stories and i case knowing for modern and experience for postmodern are the two touchstones of reference of our worlds - one is not necasarily better than the other just more natural places to start from :)

  2. Tia Lynn — September 24, 2007 #

    Hey Mak,

    If you have time, I would really like it if you would read my latest post about the destruction of Sodom. I know you said you have different ideas about sexuality and do not like knee-jerk reactions and such. I’ve been working on this study of Sodom to show that Christians have unfairly made this story solely about homosexuality to further the myth that homosexuality is some sort of supersin, etc. etc. I have a feeling I will take some heat for it among my normal readers, and thought maybe you’re input would make for a good balance. :) It’s long, so it you don’t have time, I totally understand! :) Keep on with the thoughtful insights sister!

  3. Mak — September 24, 2007 #

    thank you tia. I’d love to read it, it sounds really intriguing

  4. Tia Lynn — September 25, 2007 #

    So it looks like I will need your help. Already got three nutty responses that I’m not even sure I have the energy to rebuttal. OY :)

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