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magazine - need your help

There are a handful of printed publications out there that have a missional/emerging flavor - if someone were to publish a magazine, what would you like to see included? what “angle” do you think it would need to have in order to serve you and those with whom you fellowship? what demographic most needs a print publication? if you were to publish a print magazine related to the missional/emerging conversation, what would it include? how would it be laid out?

Please answer any/all of the above. I’m going to create a streamlined poll that I’ll have in the sidebar but I need to do a bit of broad research first.

Thanks y’all

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  1. ed c — July 5, 2007 #

    I can definitely tell you what it shouldn’t have . . . I think that many in the emergent/missional conversation are do detoxing from some traditional thinking and theory. Less talk about theory and more action, ideas, and innovation: that’s what I think we need.

    I think a lot of young adult and middle-aged Christians are interested in finding out how the Gospel and Christianity have been infected by non-Christian elements in contemporary culture–at least those are the people I’ve talked with. A magazine that challenges our assumptions and norms, exposing where we’ve sold: that is something I personally would want to read.

  2. sonja — July 5, 2007 #

    I’d love to read more about ancient traditions and how people are using them in fresh contexts.

    I think the demographic that’s being missed is mine … the older crowd. And we are out there. Those of us in the emerging/missional conversation who are older than 40 (ahem).

  3. Julie Clawson — July 6, 2007 #

    I would love it to be a lot like Ode Magazine but more about faith stuff. I like the broad (historical and cultural) perspective, the generally progressive sort of feel (in a God’s Politics sort of way), and the fact that they print it on recycled paper. I would love to see a magazine for the 25-40ish demographic - that is beyond dating tips, cool music guides, and other relevant crap and also doesn’t assume all readers are baby boomers in the burbs dealing with empty nest, menopause, and retirement. Intelligent writing from a variety of perspectives on a large variety of topics would be ideal. One that educates, doesn’t force a certain part line, and also gives real action ideas.

    At least I would read that.

  4. Mak — July 6, 2007 #

    3 really great comments already - fantastic. thank you!

  5. Mak — July 6, 2007 #

    so far I’m hearing - 25-40ish demographic (good thinking)
    - not just a hip social commentary/cultural engagement for the 17-25 crowd
    - not middle age twaddle
    - holistic but not trite commentary on life experiences
    - engaging history and culture as a thread weaved throughout
    - getting beyond theory and into the life blood of living the mission
    - environmentally conscientious in printing
    - progressive
    - not a bully pulpit
    - practical, innovative
    - seeking to explore the areas in which we can “get back” to what was intended by Jesus

    so hit me with some “segments”. for example, I’d like to see a section on spiritual formation - - what other regular themes would you like to see discussed?

  6. Erin — July 6, 2007 #

    I’ve been thinking about it.

    I want to hear more about “average” people - people who have never pastored a church, never been to seminary, who don’t have some huge impactful ministry…just ordinary joe’s and jane’s reaching the people around them in little and meaningful ways.

    Something that’s not necessarily geared for 20-somethings, there’s a lot of that already. What Julie said.

    Oh yeah, and one that doesn’t stick to traditional conservative ideas.

    So, is this a hypothetical question…?

    (That spam thing gets me every time. I think it’s my aversion to math.)

  7. Mak — July 6, 2007 #

    no, David and I are considering creating such a magazine. but we want to make sure there’s a market and see if it’s viable first.

  8. Erin — July 6, 2007 #


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