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How do you feel about programs and small groups in churches for every imaginable sub group and sub sub group?
Here is a list from an “emerging type” church in our area. They are known for being pretty open, progressive and generous in service to the community (to their credit). They’re pretty young and hip compared […]

Heather Kirk Davidoff over at the emerging women group blog kicks off the conversation with a few GREAT ideas of her own. If you’re so inclined, go over there and add your own ideas in the comments. Please dont’ comment here, go there instead. Thank you.
Heather writes, “I’ve been seeing way too many comments here […]

Notable Quotable: Scot McKnight

HT: Kay
I would tend to say that God hates sin in the same way a parent hates the cancer that is killing their child. Remember, God is not anger. God is love.
- Scot McKnight