Am I a lap cat?

…truth be told, most of the time, I’m an eager little lap cat with hungry eyes jumping up into God’s lap for some warmth until I have something more interesting to do. I’m not interested in the give and take of relationship, just the warmth I feel from the experience.

Rebirth - Advent Reflections: Day 18

thanks to dogsbody on flickr for the photo
Birther of the human race
You summon the day to dawn
And call us to live in communion
Lord Jesus Christ, Light of the world,
By your cross you have overcome all darkness that oppresses.
Come and shine on us in our communities
That we may grow and live together in your love
Which makes […]

I feel like I’m surrounded by pain and heartache right now - in my family (my siblings), with my neighbors, in my city, in my state - it’s all feeling very heavy in my soul right now.
The shootings in Denver and Colorado Springs just add to that weight. I hurt for the families affected […]