This is an overview of my teaching on Sunday at Revolution.
Much of the material for this message was taken from Scot McKnight’s book, “The Real Mary”. (I strongly recommend this book). McKnight had an article published in Christianity Today titled “the Mary We Never Knew” you can find it here.
Luke 1:46-55
46 And Mary said:

I feel like I’m surrounded by pain and heartache right now - in my family (my siblings), with my neighbors, in my city, in my state - it’s all feeling very heavy in my soul right now.
The shootings in Denver and Colorado Springs just add to that weight. I hurt for the families affected […]

Ps. 72:1-7, 18-19
Ro. 15:4-13
(Is. 11:1-10, Mt. 3:1-12)

Romans 15
“through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we have hope” This encouragement and hope should lead us to live in harmony with one another, the way Christ accords, in order that we may have one voice to glorify God BECAUSE Christ became a servant to confirm […]

Mt. 24:36-44
Is. 11:1-10

A shoot rising from a stump - life springing from death. God is constantly breathing life into dead bones all around us. Part of the alertness and active longing we should be experiencing this season involves actively and intentionally watching for the dead stumps where God is springing forth life-giving shoots and join […]