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Thankful meme

In honor of my all time favorite holiday I’m participating in John’s meme

1. Write down five things that you’re thankful for.
2. Tag five friends who you’d like to see participate in this meme.
3. (Optional) Include a link to this post and encourage others to place a link to their completed meme in the comments section of this post so we can keep track of the thankfulness running around the blogosphere.

I’m thankful for
1. beautiful, warm, soft wool (I’ve been knitting a lot lately)
2. a wood burning fireplace
3. green tea
4. my french press (I think coffee is much better made in a french press - and cheaper btw which allows you to buy better quality fair trade beans)
5. the days I have the car and don’t have to walk Shayel to school

I tag David, Molly, Becky, Jonathan, Bec

comment problem fixed

I had to update my spam protection plugin for the new theme (which isn’t finished yet by the by) so if you had tried to comment before and weren’t able to, that’s why. sorry.

I’m obviously too busy to post right now but I should be back in full form soon.