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Wow, I haven’t posted here for ages.

Aliyah has entered the picky dip stage. Every food item is nasty but dip rocks…any food that is dipable must be sent from heaven. She’s just beyond cute but also moving toward toddler too fast for comfort. She is still uber-tall and skinny, everyone thinks she’s 2. She doesn’t say much. She signs a little bit and says: shoes, more, please (ocasionally), dog and dad. I haven’t even gotten a mama yet.

Shayel is all of 4 and we’re looking forward to her not being 4 anymore…it’s a tough age. She’s actually been a lot better the past few days since we reinstituted the happy jar. Other than that there’s not much going on with her. We’re going to put her in some classes soon (swimming, art and dance probably), she is still enjoying going to class (except for some funky seperation anxiety momentsĀ  here and there) and the biggest news of all is that ever since we moved, she has been sleeping in her bed all night (except when she has a bad dream, last night was the first since we moved). She also has been dry all night for about 2 months now. Way to go girl! When she’s not being moody, she’s truly a joy…so much fun.

Now that we’re all well, we’re starting to enjoy our new home. Today, me and the girls took the bus to the mall - it was fun. I think we’ll take the bus more often, it’s so easy, cheap and will allow us more freedom without having to take David to work. Our neighborhood is very active and FULL of college students. We actually enjoy this atmosphere - call it grace or craziness, either way it’s working for us so far. We have good parks full of diverse families from all over the world (international housing is right across the street). We have some fun stuff planned for this winter to reach out to the people in our apartment and the neighboring ones. A Christian “house” is just a block away so we’re going to try to hook up with them as well.

Revolution starts Sunday - we’re all very excited. Pray for us.

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