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a few misc. personal updates

…cuz I know you all care ;)
Revolution is entering what we are calling “phase 2″ which really just means we’re moving on to the next level of our faith community - moving from an informal gathering of a few people to deepening the feeding and attention given to our organic entity. To put it in “produce” terms - we planted the seed about 1 year ago, it grew in a weedy and pesticide sprayed garden and had to be dug up and transplanted, it’s been taking root in it’s new plot for about 3 months requiring very little attention and it’s now time to do some weeding, feed it some natural organic food, spread a little mulch and continue to water it and shade it as needed. We had a great core gathering of prayer and discussion and I think we’re all on the same page and ready to move forward with the next 9 months VERY LOOSELY planned out. We’re going to be going through the Parables (thanks to some blog friend inspiration) and alternating with Old Testament study…should be a good time.

My running routine stalled out for a week due to a nasty deep bruise on my knee (yeah, I used it as an excuse, but cut me some slack, it’s been REALLY HOT here lately hehe).

I finished a couple of knitting projects that gave me good practice on various beginner stitches. I’m half way through a big thick scarf (weird knitting a scarf when it’s 90something outside), I need to get another skein to finish it and I’m about half way through a hat. I’ll post pictures so you can see my handiwork.

Here’s Aliyah wearing the simple hat I just finished knitting. It fits Shayel or Aliyah and actually fits me too - just more as a beanie and less as a stocking cap. Yes, Aliyah is topless - - my kids have a very “clothing optional” attitude. LOL. Oh, and she’s eating a cold dry buttermilk pancake left over from breakfast - - with the snot on her upper lip she looks like she’s in a bad place LOL.

I get to have a broken molar and a wisdom tooth pulled next week (yahoo! yeah right) with more dental work to come - stupid weak enamel genes.

We are going to a bbq with the Denver Emergent Cohort next week where we will get to meet our fellow Emergent revolutionaries and also get to meet Doug Pagitt - or at least watch him eat dinner from a distance ;) and the week after that we get to (hopefully) meet Alan Hirsh at the CRM conference where we have been graciously invited to attend as guests. Both of those events should be good times :)

Shayel (my oldest daughter who is 5) is still loving her horse riding lessons. She got to do “gymnastics” on the horse’s back on Saturday. Her teacher wanted her to get a sense of her space on the horse so she was having her ride without holding the reigns simultaneously spinning around on the horse (front to side to back to side to front) and she also stood at one point. She gets to “step over” a pole next time with the horse (I assume it’s a first step to jumping) which she’s excited but also nervous about.

Aliyah is 2 - that’s all that really needs to be said hehe

this is her after playing in the rain a couple weeks ago.

David’s having some frustrations at work but nothing he won’t push through. He’s also meeting with a CRM guy to work out some final stuff for a leadership class he’s taking in the fall as well as hopefully getting an account set up for us to accept “support” as “missionaries” … which will primarily be for the benefit of Revolution right now.

So there you have it. Updates on me.


  1. Doug Pagitt — July 30, 2007 #

    We will certainly eat together and not just look at one another. I am looking forward to it.

  2. Mak — July 30, 2007 #

    me too :)

  3. Paul — July 31, 2007 #

    grin, you can practice who eats with their mouth open the most :)

    and thanks for the update Mak and letting us care…

    now get back out out running! ;)

  4. Mak — July 31, 2007 #

    who crowned you my personal trainer? lol

  5. Paul — July 31, 2007 #

    jus returning the favour ;)

  6. Mak — July 31, 2007 #

    LOL … oh yeah, touche’

  7. Rupert Ward — August 6, 2007 #

    thanks mak for the link …
    i would love hear some of your wrestling through the parables - i have loved getting back to something that i was so familiar with, and yet as i have dug a bit deeper, i realise i have so much more to understand and impliment.

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