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I have moved A LOT in my life. The longest I ever lived anywhere as a kid was when I was living in Laingsburg, MI. I lived there from 8th grade through high school graduation. From the time I was married to now, we have moved 4 times, and we’ve been married 7 years.

I believe God is using this nomadic life for some greater purposes. I could guess as to what those purposes are; we’ve already seen some benefits of remaining mobile, but I’m sure there are reasons that we will not fully “get” until we are able to see our lives in hind sight.

Moving is an interesting thing, I don’t remember any of our moves until our move from Montana to Michigan when I was in the 7th grade. Sure, I remember our houses and such but not the actual moving process. Our move to Michigan was pretty tough. I had to leave my best friend of 4 years and I think I cried myself to sleep for months. But there was also that element of excitement and anticipation that you cannot fully know unless you have uprooted and moved to a totally new place.

The thing about moving that I have grown to appreciate as an adult, is the sifting and sorting through belongings. Going through boxes of keepsakes is especially fun. I also enjoy purging the old to prepare for the new.

When we moved into this house, I all but swore that we would not move for at least 4 years. Moving is stressful for all involved. But God gives grace to handle what he sends our way and that’s one lesson we have relived multiple times in our life.

Shayel is kind of taking it harder than we anticipated. She keeps asking if we’re keeping our closet (??) and she expressed concern yesterday that we would lose the stuff in her room. So we have to remember to talk to her a lot about this and walk her through the process as much as possible. I think once we get there she’ll be enamored with the newness of it all and will be fine - esp. since we will be a block away from student housing and a HUGE park that is always full of neighborhood kids.

And of course, Aliyah is oblivious. hehe.

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  1. Amie — July 24, 2006 #

    I didn’t know you lived in Michigan before.

  2. Anita Wright — July 27, 2006 #

    T has been asking the same sort of questions. We’ve been making a little game out of having her name the things we will miss and she’s been pleasantly surprised about how many of tose things will be going with us. Of course she was not so thrilled to find out that we aren’t buying the house that had the huge pink barbie princess house nor will any of the previous owners toys be staying, LOL. All and all she has been taking it well, but I was taken off guard non the less. This is our first move that she’s really been aware of.
    Oh and BTW, I don’t know if you remember my old name at GCM was nomadic mama. We had moved 5 times in our first 5 years of marriage. I think I earned that name!
    If you ever need some packing motivation you can pm me, I’m going through the same thing;)

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