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Happy New Year (to come)

We rarely send out Christmas cards or letters anymore, the digital age is upon us full force I guess.

So this is our annual digital update.

David is still working at Group Publishing.

David in Oct.

Makeesha is still at home with the girls and doing some graphic design from home on the side.

Aliyah is now 18 mo. and a mischievous little thing she is. She has an impish grin and devious little laugh that makes you smile and worry at the same time. She doesn’t really talk much but has her own way of communicating and does so pretty well.

Aliyah in Sept.

Shayel is 4.5 and is turning into a lovely and very fun little girl. She is, as always, amazing us with her creativity and she recently started sounding out words in the beginnings of reading. She will be starting kindergarten next fall and mom and dad are blown away at how fast the time has flown.

Shayel in Sept.

In August we moved to an apartment on the CSU campus and soon after started a full time church service called Revolution that is geared toward college students and young career adults, seeking to reach the downtown and campus areas of Fort Collins.

Our year has basically been consumed with activities that revolve around moving and starting Revolution.

We are so in awe of what God has done in the last half of this year. We have started relationships with amazing people who love God and others with radical passion and we have seen Revolution as a community grow into a loving, transforming safe place of worship to God and love of others.

2007 will bring many more adventures.

Life’s Hard, God’s Good, Let’s Dance! - let the dance continue.

David, Makeesha, Shayel, Aliyah and our house mate cats - Wilbur and Vixen

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    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

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