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Top Cuffing Season Rules You Need to Consider

Relationships are a great thing. Two people share a deep connection that is pure, delicate and genuine. Therefore, if you are single and want a relationship, then there is nothing wrong with that. Or is there? It all depends on the reason you are looking for a relationship, maybe you will find the answer on bebemur or other similar dating site or maybe not.

Many people enter into relationships for the reason of being influenced by the latest trends, they get under the influence of so-called cuffing. What's cuffing season and how to distinguish dating because of big love and just out of boredom – in our today’s article.

What Is Cuffing Season?

This slang term originally appeared in 2011 when the first article about it was made by Urban dictionary junkies. As you can judge from the root of this phrase, it has something to do with handcuffs. In general, "cuffing" means sticking to a person to create a long-term relationship especially in the cold winter season.

When Does Cuffing Season Start?

So, cuffing season lasts from October till March and is characterized by all forever alone's getting under the influence of those love vibes and seeking for a partner. Psychologists even say that people are more likely to start a serious relationship during fall and winter. Because it is so freezing cold outside, some folks can get really lonely, and that is why they start looking for somebody to spend these long wintery nights with.

What is cuffing season in the long run? This is not only a meme or a reason for jokes, but this is also a real phenomenon, and many people may even become a part of it without even being aware of this. Even if you think this is just a fancy term people have come up with because of boredom, this is not true. Do not take cuffing season as something not existing earlier. It is natural for humans to seek for a partner when we feel cold and left alone, this shouldn't come as a surprise that some people build strong and really genuine relationships in this period.

Cuffing season influence even applies to those people who would prefer to stay alone most of the time. This is just something magical about this time of the year that pushes people to get together. And this is deeply encouraged by social media and all those cute winter photoshoots of kissing couples and the celebration of St. Valentine’s day or even Christmas. When you see so many happy people that are in love around you, you subconsciously begin to make a connection between long winter nights and cuddling with a loved one. It seems to you that you are the only one alone, and everyone else is in relationships.

This is when things get creepy. When you just feel that you need to have somebody by your side and are striving for romance in your life, this is natural. But if you take the term "cuffing season" too seriously and decide that you anxiously have to be in a relationship and date anybody just not to be alone, this is not healthy. Do not make others the victims in such a painful trap because when you do not treat the relationship with responsibility but your partner genuinely loves you, breaking up after the cuffing season ends will ruin the life of such a person. Luckily enough, we will talk about the rules of cuffing as well as about the signs you may date someone just because of boredom.

Cuffing Season Rules

Now let’s put all the serious stuff away and talk about cuffing season rules you may consider if you want to enter this relationship game.

Rule 1. Choose someone serious and with good intentions. Try not to stick to a crazy partier or a person you will have fun with but break up after the snow melts down. Cold winter nights require someone more reliable, who you will spend chilly evenings with. The perfect candidate is the person that may take care of you in case you catch a cold or feel a little bit depressed and join your company even if all you are going to do all day is watch serials and drink tea. In general, pick someone mature that you will feel comfortable with and who you feel is ready for serious steps in the future.

Rule 2. If you seek a temporary candidate, do not get too attached. This is adult life, we should admit we all feel lonely at times and experience periods when we just want to cuddle with someone but nothing more. No obligations or building a family in the future. What children are you talking about when everything we want to do is to spend the tough winter period with someone who distracts us from the boring reality. So, try to spend this season with fun, do everything you have been dreaming of, have a photoshoot, cook a pie together, put the hands in the holes of each other's sweaters and listen to chill music. What will happen after the spring sets in? The time will show.

Rule 3. No plans for the future or tons of pictures in social media. Of course, cuffing season rules do not forbid you to make a cute photoshoot to save those memories for the future, but you shouldn’t post the images of your bae too much. It will be a pity to delete them later, and you do not want people to think you are inconsistent, right? Just better leave this part of your life private and do not even talk about your partner too much. As well as you shouldn't make plans for too far in the future, just live, for now, enjoy the moment. The main benefit of the cuffing season partners is that they do not ask for anything from you or make requirements, you are just two people who are too lonely to spend this winter on their own.

Rule 4. Do not assume you treat the situation the same. You should always be honest about your feelings and tell your partner you are not planning anything serious. It is better to clear things out from the very beginning and understand what to wait for from each other. If you treat the cuffing season as a fun way to find a close person and make your depressive moods go away, it doesn’t mean your partner feels the same. It is important that you talk about it and decide which direction your relationship will move in.

Cuffing Season Schedule

It would be, of course, not enough just to define cuffing season, another important aspect to this period of the year is its schedule. Make notes because you will absolutely not do without this important information. Cuffing season schedule is an unofficial list of events connected with this period that every person, engaged in the process, may take part in. The season itself starts in fall, the specific date differs from year to year as well as all the information. This schedule can be described as a guide to a few-month-long trial relationship.

It starts with the preparation period that falls in summer when you start flirting around and seeking for a potential candidate. If you do everything right and your wooing is a success, you will be safe when the cuffing season itself comes. A successful preparation means you have found a partner to talk about this adventure and now have someone to stay with for the next few cold winter months.

The Valentine's Day period is the so-called "Championship Game" when the relationship is at its peak, you still do not think about the parting that will take place in March when the whole love story will wane.

As you can see, this is a short-term solution for those who are tired of serious stuff and lonely nights. Of course, if you go off the beaten track and suddenly fall in love or unintentionally give your partner the wrong hint, or a sign, or green light, everything can quickly turn into a disaster. So, prepare yourself mentally, to be honest with your partner (aka "short-term solution") and then everything will be fine.

How Not to Feel Lonely During the Cuffing Season

If you didn’t manage to find your victim for this period, and it seems to you that life has knocked you off the wagon or that the big party is happening around and you weren’t invited, here are some tips for you on how not to feel lonely:

1. Help others

You can sign up to a charity club or at least help your friends and walk their pet when they are gone for a holiday. There are so many activities you can take up to not feel lonely and realize your worth. Because each of us is a valuable friend, colleague or employee to somebody, and you should never think you are alone in this world and no one needs you.

2. Connect with people

Remember when was the last time you ran into your old friend and thought about meeting one day. Everyone gave at least once somebody a promise to text or call. So, what are you waiting for? Call your old friends, that is a tried and true method. Or just get around and go to the bars in your city, or you can visit different events and surely meet somebody interesting there.

3. Get enough sleep

When you do not get enough sleep, your psyche gets exhausted and you become vulnerable to depressive states and manias. It is important that you get enough sleep because when you are physically tired, your immune system can face different problems too. In such a tired and lonely condition, sad thoughts take over your mind and serious mental processes that will have a negative effect happen. Your sleeping schedule should be strict when you are fighting depression or loneliness, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to cope with these problems.

4. Stay open

When you are depressed and lonely, the easiest (and the worst) thing you can do is to stay at home all day long, cry and not interact with people. Yes, getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people is hard, but you have to talk to those around you not to feel lonely. Try some new hobby, reach out to people you have never tried talking to. Maybe they turn out to be extremely interesting people and you will make new friends. Even if you feel disappointed in all your old acquaintances, there are still millions of amazing people left on Earth. But if you close inside, you will never find this out.

Signs You Are Dating out of Boredom

Finally, do not enter the cuffing season game to deceive somebody and if you feel that you are just bored, you will end up using a person and throwing them away. These are the main signs that may make you reconsider your solution to enter a short-term relationship.

You're in a hurry

You are 30 years old and you are in a panic, thinking about old age. You need a person to make you feel young again. Searches often lead to numerous short-term connections, the whole process is similar to searching for a suitable dress 15 minutes before the store closes. You grab one thing, another and do not like anything at all but feel as if you have to buy at least something because it is the last day of sales. It is true madness.

You fill the emptiness

Do you really want a relationship or are you just bored? Relationships perfectly fill the emptiness in our lives, but this is only a pleasant side effect, not the main purpose. Be able to cope with your emotions yourself.

You think you are ready

Are you really ready for a relationship? Are you really ready to do the work you need to create a solid foundation from scratch, or do you just want kisses and hugs? Remember that relationships are more than this.

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