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Advent Reflections: Day 8, first day week 2

Ps. 72:1-7, 18-19
Ro. 15:4-13
(Is. 11:1-10, Mt. 3:1-12)

Romans 15
“through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we have hope” This encouragement and hope should lead us to live in harmony with one another, the way Christ accords, in order that we may have one voice to glorify God BECAUSE Christ became a servant to confirm God’s promises that all would glorify him for his MERCY.

We see in the other passages today that God’s promises include judgment with righteousness, justice for the poor, prosperity for the people, defense of the causes of the poor, deliverance of the needy children, crushing of the oppressor, peace and flourishing of righteousness. These promises of God will be perfectly fulfilled in the day when Christ returns but as we are to be about the Father’s business and this IS the Father’s business, it becomes clear to us those things which should concern us. John the Baptist proclaimed God’s Kingdom at hand when Jesus came the first time, his Kingdom came. As incarnations of Jesus on earth today, the Kingdom is lived out through us - in essence, we are able to shape God’s Kingdom and by joining with the voice that cries in the wilderness in service to the Messiah, we are able to join in one voice, confirming God’s promises through our action, causing others to experience God’s mercy and glorify him.

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