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Mt. 3:1-12 v. 7-10 How many of us so easily read John’s words to the religious and say - “yes! Take that!” But we need to remember that we are God’s representatives today. Christians are to be those hearing God’s voice, bearing fruit. How often do we presume that God is not speaking here or there [...]
Mt. 24:36-44 Is. 11:1-10 A shoot rising from a stump - life springing from death. God is constantly breathing life into dead bones all around us. Part of the alertness and active longing we should be experiencing this season involves actively and intentionally watching for the dead stumps where God is springing forth life-giving shoots and join [...]
Is. 11:1-10 In the beginning we find the end and at the end we begin again. T.S. Eliot says something very similar. What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. Advent, especially as we start the [...]
Mt. 24:36-44 I’m enjoying reflecting on the second coming parallel this season. I think I had forgotten the importance of anticipating Christ’s return and restoration of all things. I was smacked in the face with this when a neighbor knocked on my door on Tuesday, bloody from head to toes. She had just been beaten [...]
Is. 2:1-5 Perfect justice and peace is what God’s people have always desired as it is God’s desire. v. 3 God’s ways are justice and peace. If we are to follow God’s way, we must follow the way of justice and peace. Let us prepare our hearts htis season to take action to follow THIS WAY.
I’ve decided I need to take this season to reorient myself - mostly with my time. I will probably post reflections on my daily advent readings and prayers but I won’t be reading blogs. I also won’t be responding to my emails as quickly as usual so just be patient I’m looking forward [...]
This is a profoundly wise and beautiful post from a new acquaintance who is in our “tribe”. Too bad Denver’s not a bit closer. Expectancy carries with it a wide-eyed unassuming sense of hope. With expectancy, you put your agenda aside and you pray against faulty presumptions that will taint your experience of reality. Expectancy [...]