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If you look at the CBE post comments about the SBC “homemaking” classes, you will see that the cost of that program is over 60k for non Southern Baptists (abt. half that if you’re SBC). So let’s examine this: A woman acquires $35 thousand of debt to learn how to be a good pastor’s wife, complete with [...]
One thing I’ve noticed we stop doing as we get older is making funny faces. I think that’s wrong. To prove my point, I give you the following “fun with apple photobooth” brought to you by Makeesha, Shayel (5) and Aliyah (2) and one of me and shayel from a few months ago
Check out the nutty Fishers in the HUGE storm just a few minutes ago.
There are quite a few “not necessarily church related” passions of mine. Empowering women is one of the top on my list and along with that is breastfeeding, positive parenting/non punitive discipline and gender justice issues. This video is inspiring for more than just the breastfeeding issue. If you watch the whole thing, you will see [...]
…cuz I know you all care Revolution is entering what we are calling “phase 2″ which really just means we’re moving on to the next level of our faith community - moving from an informal gathering of a few people to deepening the feeding and attention given to our organic entity. To put it [...]
In response to Alan’s comment about my “haunting eyes” over there >> in my side bar, I thought I’d show off Shayel’s eyes (my oldest). This is an old picture but captures her eyes well, I’ll probably add a new one some time today cuz I like showing off my girls. Here’s a newer pic. taken [...]
Is it odd that my 5 year old asked to watch Debbie Harry (honestly, she asked for her by name) on the Muppet Show DVD and is now bopping around in her princess dress, straw hat, sunglasses and boots singing “One Way or Another”?That’s not odd right? ROFLOL
This is David with Shayel at her dance recital tonight. You can read the details on our family blog but I wanted to share this picture. David dressed up in his best suit just for Shayel tonight…I thought that was very sweet. I’ve got a good man for sure.