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One of the things I've discovered in my time in the church world is that church friendships are almost exactly like work relationships, except people see each other even more infrequently. This applies perhaps even more so to leaders - even amongst each other. Which means you're "friends" or at least "friendly" as long as you go to the church
Taking a cue from a woman (mom, wife, copastor, and beautifully flawed human) I deeply admire and hope to become better friends with in the months and years to come, I would like to share my top 12 (I'm gonna top Kathy hehe) utterly humiliating beautifully HUMAN things about me.
Recently, 2 questions about kids and the Bible came up on a parenting message board I’m a part of - 1. how much to censor and 2. how to use the Bible to teach issues of godly character and behavior. Here is my take on those issues that also touches on some good conversation [...]
I’ve thought a lot over the past few years of writing a book targeted at “emerging christian parents” - speaking to the parents and also providing resources and tools to help them in the spiritual education of their children. There have been several things lately that have made me sit up and take notice, but probably [...]
We shared a room at the Gathering with a really neat and talented illustrator/graphic artist named Paul Soupiset. And really truly, this man is EXTREMELY TALENTED. Make sure you check out his notebooks on his blog. So anyway, we now know Paul, who now has rubbed shoulders with Kevin Bacon at a charity gala - [...]
Did you know that you cannot maintain a social network of more than about 50 people? Interesting. There are serious real life applications if we apply this to our lives.
This year I schemed for about 2 months to gather money gifts to put toward David’s dream gift - a telescope. Yesterday we got to give it to him after Revolution. I’m glad I don’t have to keep the surprise anymore hehe.
This is a photo that was taken impromptu at Group Publishing (David’s work). Shayel was there for a head shot to be added to their catalog (in case they need her for a shoot down the road) and they had us jump in together for a quick family shot - of course, Aliyah had to [...]