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just like fish in a …. rain storm?

Check out the nutty Fishers in the HUGE storm just a few minutes ago.

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  1. Anita — August 2, 2007 #

    You crazy cats!
    Looks like fun;)

  2. Cynthia — August 3, 2007 #

    OHhhhhh, that looks wonderful. It is 92 here … no air conditioning … by choice. I just checked the long term forecast and we are looking at 97 for a few days next week.


  3. Mak — August 3, 2007 #

    Anita, it was fun. yeah, we’re pretty crazy.

    cynthia - same here. just a small box air conditioner in our bedroom thanks to our landlord and it’s been in the 90s as well. the rain felt awesome and made everything really cool for most of the night.

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