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call to sacrifice

This is good stuff.

A Return To Greatness « Missio Dei

What made America great in the first place was not our cynicism, or even our ability to call out what was wrong with the old system. It was our capacity to gather together in the spirit of unity, which required love and sacrifice. This is the call of sacrifice and what has always made great leaders.

…Inspiration always appeals to the best in who we are as human beings. It reveals who we want to be, not just who we are. We want leaders who ask us to think outside of our own agenda and love our neighbor. We may not like it but we want it. Our greatness has always resided in our leaders ability to get us to think outside of our own agenda, one that is inclusive of our neighbor. Ultimately we want leaders who can help us grow into mature citizens, one who don’t need our government to tell us what to do. We want leaders who can help us self-govern.

Jonathan is talking about Obama here but I think he’s (maybe inadvertently even) alluding to something even bigger/broader than politics.

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  1. Jonathan Brink — July 3, 2008 #

    Mak, I’m glad you caught that it’s bigger than Obama, or even politicians. This is what I think people are also looking for in pastors.

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