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stop being “pro”…it doesn’t help

This is a really spectacular interview with 2 peace workers - one an Jewish Israeli woman living in Tel Aviv, the other a Muslim Palestinian Man living in the West Bank - please do listen to it. The video is really neat to watch if you can, it’s the unedited interview that was shot in video.

Another good one is this one with a British Muslim - what he speaks of is incredibly poignant and important for Americans to hear - - much of what he discusses is the significance of his lack of identity in England, he wasn’t British because there really wasn’t such a thing as an identity and he didn’t have a Muslim identity because he wasn’t in that community in his parent’s country so he sought out that identity. This is an important warning for us as Americans to hear I think.

and a completely different aside, Krista looks WAY different than I pictured. As is almost always the case for me.


  1. Paul — March 4, 2008 #

    what? you look way different then you picture yourself??? ;)

  2. Mak — March 4, 2008 #

    yeah, every morning I look in the mirror shocked at what I see, I never look like me - - wow, that’s a poem in the making

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