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disposable creativity

Australian 'duct tape'.
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Like most kids, my girls love to create. And like in most families, their creations - simple and complex, large and small end up strewn all over our small apartment.

As with every day, today I was mumbling my annoyance while throwing away/recycling a pile of art projects that included coloring sheets, pasted paper mosaics, paper dolls and bits and bobs of paper doll clothes and accessories, beads taped to steno paper with duct tape and parts of an old Russian Orthodox Icon calendar I had released into their greedy hands (I think there might be something sacrilegious about allowing my children to dismember the icon of St. Peter but I excuse the behavior by saying that we’re not Russian Orthodox).

Later, as I was rushing around to get Aliyah ready to walk to Shayel’s school to pick her up, I started thinking about the profundity of the act of creating disposable art. It occurred to me that maybe I have a hard time “being creative” because I’m so focused on the end product being usable, permanent or at least something I’m happy with.

Ignoring the environmental impact, I wondered what would happen if I simply enjoyed the act of creativity more like my girls - for the fun of it.

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  1. Cynthia — January 28, 2009 #

    My journey as an artist began at the same time that environmental concerns began to weigh on my mind. I’m glad I am a mixed media artist because I can recycle so much and incorporate it into my collages. However, practicing seems like a waste of materials to me. I began to see that my freedom was being stolen by a legalistic mindset toward recycling and reducing … I had just transferred my tendency to be legalistic to another area of my life.

    So, I keep trying to remember to walk in God’s grace about it and to enjoy the process because that is the most important and fun part.

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