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into the river we go - rapids and all

Wade in the water.
Wade in the water, children.
Wade in the water.
God’s gonna trouble the water.

~ Black American Slave Traditional (I don’t think it has an “author” but please correct me if I’m wrong)

I wrote awhile back about the changes that are afoot in all domains of society. Since then, I have read several articles and statistical reports discussing this very shift. So I thought I’d take some space to share (only) some of my observations.

One caveat I feel I need to make is this: Making statements about the things that are changing does not require a value judgment on either the past or the present/future. That’s another quality of my generation, we don’t feel the need to judge every single thing we observe. In other words, I’m not suggesting that “then” was bad and “now” is better or vice versa. They are simply what they are, observations…and of course, as always, they are generalizations and trends that I personally have observed so take it for what it’s worth.

All of this is manifesting in different questions and many people becoming increasingly frustrated by those who are asking the same questions while at the same time seeking new answers. (And this is not limited to age/generation. There is a whole younger generation picking up where their parents left off.) This deep shift that is occuring is affecting everything. The old addages and expectations do not apply as cleanly as before and the previous binary options manifest dichotomies that we no longer buy into.

The question I’m asking is this: Will Christ followers be moving along WITHin the stream of this shift, able to engage and provoke, able to be a prophetic voice? Will we be riding the waves right along with everyone else demonstrating a stability that can only come from a confidence in our God or are we going to continue the same trend of running along the shore line waving our arms phrenetically and yelling at people about the four spiritual laws and the reality of an eternal home? And if it’s the former (I hope and pray it is), how will we do this and how do our faith communities, theologies, notions of discipleship, reading of Scripture etc. need to shift in order to be successful?

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  1. Carlos — July 1, 2008 #


    For the sake of the “Bride of Christ”, I hope it is the former…..

  2. Mak — July 4, 2008 #

    me too carlos, me too

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