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The turkey on my path

Life is indeed a mysterious and endless journey on a path that often leads “who knows where?”. Every Thanksgiving, I find myself stumbling over a large turkey who, sounding not unlike Nixon strangely enough, reminds me that I need to pause more often and create more space in my soul for thankful expressions.

So here I am again, realizing I don’t say thank you enough, I don’t often enough acknowledge and laud the other who is with me on my journey and without whom it would all be for naught.

This is not enough, it will never be enough, but now is a good time to say thank you to the (literally) hundreds of people who are my acquaintances, friends, co-laborers and/or partners in life. To my family, to my friends in my brick and mortar life and to everyone I have run across and had the privilege of getting to know through this crazy internet space from all over the globe.

I especially thank my husband David, who is, in every sense of the word, my partner. We have walked along side many people this year who are experiencing relationship turmoil (some ending in divorce) and it has shocked us into realizing how truly fortunate we are to have each other and how often we take it for granted. It’s a rare gift to enjoy the friendship of a lover, a ministry partner and someone who is complementary to me in every way. It’s a rare gift to have a husband who cherishes me but not as a delicate flower to be protected but as a strong and able eagle who needs to soar.

I am thankful beyond measure, I am blessed beyond measure and maybe this coming year I won’t require a large talking turkey to remind me to say so.

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  1. Paul — November 23, 2007 #

    that’s some turkey :)

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