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challenging the progressive guys

I’m going to take my last post a step further and issue a challenge. I’ve been in conversations recently where the men in the emerging christian movement are saying “but we DO include the women, we DO want more female voices”… So men, here’s your chance. I want to encourage you … challenge you in fact … to listen to the interview with Sr. Joan Chittister that can be found here. Listen to it and broadcast this woman’s voice by encouraging others to listen.

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  1. Jamie Arpin-Ricci — October 31, 2007 #

    Great challenge. It will be up by this evening at my blog. Thanks for keep these kinds of things where they need to be- right up from.


  2. Jamie Arpin-Ricci — October 31, 2007 #

    LOL! Can you see my sleep deprivation in that last comment? Exchange “keep” with “keeping” and “up from” to “up front”.

  3. Paul — November 1, 2007 #

    heh Mak, thanks for the tip off to public radio, when i get broadband back i’m signed up for the podcast :)

  4. dave — November 1, 2007 #


  5. Bob — November 1, 2007 #

    I used Joan’s commentary on the Rule of Benedict as a devotional last summer. One of the things I like about Benedict’s Rule is that it is written in feminine terms (Abbess, sisters, etc.) but applies to Abbots and brothers as well. A revolutionary act. Even more surprising in that it was written so long ago.

    Of course, now, I am involved in a female dominated community which is proving difficult for me. Not because the women are strong, but because the men are weak.

    Us guys got a problem.

  6. Mak — November 1, 2007 #

    Bob - LOL - now THAT’s an interesting dynamic.

    thanks Dave and Jamie!

    Paul - yeah, not having broadband is a worthy excuse :)

  7. Peggy — November 1, 2007 #


    Came over from Bro. M.’s blog where he responds to your challenge…glad to see you noticing that the older women deserve some respect!

    Bob, you and Mak might want to read this post–especially if you want to see some of the Celtic results of this tradition.

    And to the men…Benedict and Robert are wonderful reminders that the Sistren have always had faithful encouragers among the Brethren. Thank you for joining their ranks. May your tribe increase!


  8. Pingback - The Question of Women In Ministry « Missio Dei — November 2, 2007 #

    [...] Makeesha put out the challenge to listen and respond to the following audio presentation from Sister Joan Chittister. It’s a very powerful dialog and includes some interesting points on the role women play in ministry. She essentially asks, “when are we going to engage the question of women in ministry?” Even though her question is asked of the Catholic church, I believe her question applies to the larger church as well. [...]

  9. Mike Clawson — November 2, 2007 #

    I’ll be sure to bump it to the top of my playlist. But since I only listen to SoF when I’m working out or in the car, it may take me a few days to get to it.

  10. Mak — November 2, 2007 #

    sounds good Mike.

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