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opportunity to participate in research

Some of you may have seen this posted on other blogs. If this applies to you, please take the time to help Barb out with her research so that her results can be an accurate reflection of this situation.

Barb Orlowski is in the Doctor of Ministry program at A.C.T.S. Seminaries in Langley, B.C., Canada. In order to conduct the research necessary to complete her dissertation, she could use your help.

She has prepared two questionnaires concerning abusive ministry leadership.

One survey is for those who have experienced emotional and spiritual distress under authoritarian and controlling church leaders and have recovered from this experience. She does not encourage your participation if doing so will cause you emotional distress.

The other survey is for pastors who have been able to provide spiritual guidance and encouragement for individuals who have faced this type of emotional and spiritual pain at the hands of those that they had trusted as their spiritual leaders.

Respond to either request by emailing Barb at [email protected].

Please let her know at which site you saw this information.

When you e-mail Barb, she will send you the questionnaire.

The responses given by those participating will be kept confidential.

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