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are you planting in the barn?

I love this from Rick as he reflects on their community wrestling with luke 10:1-12

If the farmer worked like the current church, he would:

Plow in the barn;
Plant in the barn;
Pray that it would rain in the barn;
Harvest in the barn; and,
then burn down the barn and call it revival!

Let me contrast this with what you find in the passage.

We go into the neighborhoods. We share peace and where it is returned we dwell. In this dwelling among others, we first share hospitality (best around a meal), then we minister to needs including a focus on healing (physical, relational, physiological), then we bring the kingdom message.

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  1. Catrina — October 18, 2007 #

    Thank you so much for being willing to wrap this up in a graceful way. I feel like I have a much better understanding of your positions and place in the body. I am a little more go with the flow type and to top it off I rarely ever get offended so that makes things a little puzzling to me at times. I also forgot to acknowledge that you were right about never taking the Bible culturally. I do. I certainly wasn’t living at home with my mother and father when I got married. The reason I’m posting this on your blog instead of mine is that I wanted to make sure you got it because I doubt you will become I lurker on my blog, for though I am honest and transparent (I think) I tend to be shallow on blog world for the most part. You will probably see me lurking now and then on yours and if I ask a question just remember that I consider everyone that I’ve had a cat fight with my friend. (wink) I say this seriously, I think that God has used all of this including the comp and egual thread for a purpose and I hope that in some small way we can bridge the gap and unify under Christ.

  2. Mak — October 18, 2007 #


    for what it’s worth, you’re a worthy opponent and a lovely representative of “very conservative christianity” (which is the best label I have for lack of anything better hehe).

    it’s important to see one another as individuals with feelings and souls, dreams and passions, hurts and pasts, futures and dreams…it’s much harder to demonize someone when we do that. It tames the monster.

    which is why I took Tia up on visiting your blog when these conversations started….as frustrating as they are it allows me to see you all as humans and as sisters in Christ instead of as the faceless enemy.

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