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The “If we don’t tell people what to believe they’ll be led astray” woman. One of the things with modern ways of approaching truth is that they believe right knowledge imparts right truth, leading to right behavior. Very black and white, very linear. What’s almost comical is when you point out to someone like this that [...]
This year I schemed for about 2 months to gather money gifts to put toward David’s dream gift - a telescope. Yesterday we got to give it to him after Revolution. I’m glad I don’t have to keep the surprise anymore hehe.
yeah, gotta love post titles like that eh? Dear sweet Ashley (smirk) has a really good post here about being a woman and “niceness” I thought this was particularly poignant and when conversations turn to distinctive characteristics in gender, this is one of those I’m comfortable with. (Interestingly enough, the intuitive, protective, alert instinct in women [...]
So what’s the point of these recent posts? The epiphany I had a while back involved the convergence of stories in my own life that demonstrate a phenomenon that I think is not uncommon in experiences of emerging Christians. My hope is that by telling my stories, I can express the problem, the gap if [...]
The “I’ve read about post modernity, let me tell you how it is” guy. This was a fun one (said with tongue in cheek). This guy is a leader at our previous church - Children’s ministry director in fact. REALLY NICE GUY - truly. I say that with all sincerity. I respect him on many [...]
Something that the philosophers said at a conference that we heard on a recent Emergent podcast struck a cord with me (and David as well). They were explaining that when the Church worked so hard to create a rational faith that was strongly based on knowledge and “truth” emerging from knowledge, we created an attitude [...]
Some recent experiences of mine have tied in with some other experiences and produced an epiphany of sorts. When we were at our previous church, we had a few encounters that, to me, epitomize the rift between moderns/traditionalists and post moderns. Now, keep in mind that modern and post modern is a vague and somewhat [...]
Red Letters Living a faith that bleeds by Tom Davis There are lots of “call to action”/social justice books coming out lately - many of them from unlikely sources. I think this is a great thing…except that many of them sound a lot like the typical colonialist views of the “let’s save the barbarians because they need us [...]