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Aliyah is completely potty trained - took less than a week in pull ups - another accidental potty learning in the Fisher household hehe.

Shayel is loving school and doing FANTASTIC. She has spanish, music, art, PE and all the academic centers. I walk her there which means I end up walking about 4 miles every day - - good exercise but it DOES get old sometimes.

She has received all her green tickets for good behavior and turned in homework. She did great (according to her teacher, Ms. Burnett) with her show and tell. At her school, the show and tell presentations are more public speaking exercises and have to be related to the IB theme at that time so last week they had to interview a loved one about his/her kindergarten experience and talk about it in front of the class.

She’s still taking horse riding lessons and loving it - last time she got to trot which she really enjoyed.

Our account is ALMOST open for CRM to be officially missionaries-in-training. David’s 1 year leadership training starts in Oct. The first week of October we have 2 conferences to attend - on for Emergent Village, the other for Missio (the missional training school)

and that’s about it. This is a photo that was taken impromptu at Group Publishing (David’s work). Shayel was there for a head shot to be added to their catalog (in case they need her for a shoot down the road) and they had us jump in together for a quick family shot - of course, Aliyah had to be sticking out her tongue hehe

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  1. sonja — September 12, 2007 #

    OMG!!! That’s fantastic news about Aliyah! And I’m soooo not surprised that Shayel is doing so well with her horseback riding and school. She is so sharp. This photo of all of you makes me smile!

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