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I wonder…

I wonder if people know that their movements online are tracked and not in any way anonymous…esp. if someone were to want to see who is visiting their site. My guess is that the average “browser” doesn’t know this. In case you didn’t, I know who visits this site, where they’re from, why they’re here and where they go from here….just fyi :)

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  1. Anna — June 29, 2007 #

    The pic on your sidebar is appropriate….you are watching us…


    I’m curious how much you have in the way of analytics and how you get it…I’m a techie-dunce.

  2. Mak — June 29, 2007 #

    LOL…that’s funny.

    I use google analytics.

  3. anita — June 29, 2007 #

    Cool! can you see me now? how about now? :)

    I had the strangest conversation a few weeks ago with a woman from my church. She wanted to know if I had a way to track visitors on my blog because she wanted to leave an anonymous comment.

  4. Mak — June 29, 2007 #

    ? ROFLOL that’s funny

  5. Atalia — June 29, 2007 #

    I’ve always heard that you can do that, that’s so cool

  6. robbymac — June 29, 2007 #

    So, what are you saying, exactly?

    You’re a blog-stalker? :)

  7. Paul — June 30, 2007 #

    oh so i shouldn’t go straight to the anti-revolution blog from here ;)

  8. Mak — June 30, 2007 #

    rob - well, yes, that’s true as well ;)

    Paul - you could, but I’d know it LOL

    sometimes I look at my analytics (which is not that often actually) and wonder if people know that fact that’s all…just sayin ;)

  9. Jamie Arpin-Ricci — June 30, 2007 #


    LOL! You have just contributed to the paranoia of hundreds! I just I have an advantage in using a community computer, eh? Big Sister is watching…


  10. Mak — June 30, 2007 #

    I know, and that makes me happy LOL

  11. Jennifer — July 2, 2007 #


    It is still amazing to me, after several years of blogging, to see the ways that people end up at my site. Some of them are just so sad, things like, “help, my youth pastor wants to have sex with me”

  12. Jennifer — July 2, 2007 #


    I forgot to ask…

    Are you seeing full IP addresses from all visiotrs? How are you doing that?

    And, by seeing where people go next, do you mean you see what their outclick is, or what their next site is, even if it’s something they type in, or click in their favorites?

    Sitemeter, at least the free version, doesnt provide that level of info, and neither does Typepad…so I’m just curious who does.

  13. Mak — July 2, 2007 #

    google analytics shows you anything you’d ever want to see and then some. also, my blog is self hosted so I get more info that way as well.

  14. Dianne — July 3, 2007 #

    I use statcounter. I find it interesting when I see someone was on my site for over an hour and wonder why, but then I remember that sometimes I’ll have a blog open in one window and be typing emails in another so I can’t let it bother me too much. What I do find humbling is the way people stumble onto my blog from googling the dumbest stuff. And the countries . . . love seeing what countries people are visiting from. All 3 visitors (!)

  15. Joy — July 3, 2007 #

    Hey Mak!

    I know JUST what you mean.


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