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something special for mom this mother’s day

Thanks to Rose for the tip off

Create a tribute at Unitus and empower a woman to end poverty for her family.

If you like this idea, please pass in on.

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  1. Katie Gruver — May 1, 2007 #

    Thanks so much for your post about Unitus. We so appreciate your support of this exciting new way for people to get involved in the movement to fight global poverty (and to solve that pesky problem of giving Mom something that shows her how much she really means to you).

    Also wanted to let your readers know that if they want to learn more they can watch our inspiring one minute Empowering Women video here: http://www.unitus.com/sections/ew/learn/launchvideo.asp. And if folks feel so inspired, they can also add Empowering Women links to their own sites or blogs by clicking here: http://www.unitus.com/sections/ew/involved/involved_link.asp.

    On behalf of Unitus, and all the 1.6 million micro-entrepreneurs our partners are helping lift themselves out of poverty, I wanted to say a most sincere “thanks”.

    Best, Katie Gruver and the Unitus Team

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