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mountain adventure

Every year, we try to get pictures with the gorgeous aspens when they’ve turned bright orange. I think we’ve only missed 1 since Shayel was born but we’ve missed the most colorful stage a couple of times. So we were determined this year.

On the way up, it started raining. Then it turned to sleet and before we were to the pass, it was snowing…really wet, slippery snow. We decided (wisely) that we should turn around and head down or we were going to end up stuck with no winter gear whatsoever.

Fortunately, Shayel and Aliyah were both sleeping during this time. At some point while we were still in the snow, they woke up and we decided to get some “snow in Sept. at 9000 feet in the Rockies of Colorado” shots. We didn’t take Aliyah out of the car because it was FRIGID and she had a cold. But we did get some shots of Shayel.

This one of David and Shayel you can see the wet snow coming down in front of the camera.

Here’s the view from Shayel’s window heading away from the storm, Shayel took these.

And us in the car

We stopped at 2 different places as we decended the mountain and it got progressively warmer. It was still cold though until we got back into town.

And our attempt at family pictures. We need to get someone to come up with us from now on. Of course, we were also freezing and our girls were pretty miserable by this time.

The end.

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  1. Anonymous — September 22, 2006 #

    so very gorgeous! :)

  2. Bonny — September 24, 2006 #

    amazingly gorgeous!!

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