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Mark Driscoll unleashed at Jason Clark’s blog Jason made a comment regarding MD that concerned me and I thought I’d open it up here. This is my comment to him. your comment concerns me though Jason - I do applaud your grace but I find this sort of scary. “Whilst I find Mark’s approach to women in ministry, [...]
We got the CD we’ve been looking for off and on for almost 10 years! Thanks to a retailer in England who was selling on Ebay. It was awesome listening to “our song” tonight and realizing how it applies more now than ever. This is the song we danced to at our reception. (yeah, we’re [...]
Lately, David and I have been on quite a tumultuous journey of faith. As David put it on his blog, we’re like tapestries that are being taking apart thread by thread. We have no idea where this is all going but I’m so thankful that we’re going there together. We don’t know if Revolution in [...]
Feel: the power of listening to your heartby Matthew Elliott At first glance, Feel looks like every other up and coming post modern book on the Christian market. The orange cover with the scrawly stylized art; the unusual font and line spacing and interactive pages complete with quotes from the comments section of the blog. Even [...]
We the Purpleby Marcia Ford(thanks to Mike Morrell/the Ooze for hooking me up with this book to review and many others that will be coming to you quickly now that I’m “back in the blogging saddle”, as it were) The Independent. Not unlike the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot or the legendary Chupacabra - if [...]
We’re not very expressively patriotic here in our family. My husband was born in Canada and I’ve never understood the pride people have in their birth country. After all, I’m an American because I was born to American parents in an American city - Fargo, North Dakota of all places, how can you be proud [...]
Jake Bouma on ReutersBob at the CornerEd Cyzewski I’m telling you, a new wave of prophetic voices are picking up the bull horns and they are SPOT ON. Either catch on that we’re living in a different world or step aside because most of us are tired of beating the proverbial old dead horse. In fact, [...]
This post makes 492 blog entries on this blog - if I added my old blogs for a couple years before this one I’d beat grace by A LOT *take that!* but since this is the newest incarnation of my blog self, I’ll stick with inhiscourts/swingingfromthevine. This doesn’t include the many posts I deleted when [...]