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I’m catching up

This post makes 492 blog entries on this blog - if I added my old blogs for a couple years before this one I’d beat grace by A LOT *take that!* but since this is the newest incarnation of my blog self, I’ll stick with inhiscourts/swingingfromthevine. This doesn’t include the many posts I deleted when I moved from inhiscourts. So grace, watch out, if I get on a blogging roll again I’m going to pass you up! ;) Cheers to us! I’m still in awe about how different my life is now than when I started blogging way back in 2003 but since I already ruminated about that recently I’ll spare you :) I will link you to a “best of” list I compiled in lieu of new posts.

The most shocking thing to me through this blogging journey is how many amazing people I have met through this medium. I’m very thankful.


  1. grace — June 18, 2008 #

    LOL, I’m sure you are way ahead of me make, both in quantity and quality. ;)

    It is nice to be able to step back for a season when we want to and step back in when we feel like it. I know there is plenty brewing within you, and I look forward to whatever you will share with the rest of us in the future.

    I have learned more from the people I’ve met through blogging than I ever expected. It is really amazing.

  2. grace — June 18, 2008 #

    Sorry about the typo, I’m pretty sure I meant to type “mak” not make.

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