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April 2008 - update

It’s probably long past time to update friends and family on the Fisher tribe. I’m not sure I have too much to report but here ‘goes anyway :)
Shayel turns 6 on the 20th and is doing FANTASTIC at Dunn IB World School in half day kindergarten. She enjoys school and is thriving in her classroom with this particular curriculum and teacher. She has been receiving advanced reader books every week and we’re proud of her progress at the first grade level. She is also doing well at math and enjoys art and music. She continues to amaze us all with her creative exploits making up stories and illustrations to go with the stories.

Aliyah is home with mom, she turns 3 in June. She has not had the benefit of as many activities and socializing as Shayel did at this age since we only have 1 car but I’m hoping that when Shayel goes to full day in first grade we’ll make up for lost time. She likes drawing with her sister and is currently having a wardrobe crisis every single day….ah yes, 2.5…I will not miss you.

David’s still at Group, Mak is still doing freelance graphic design and we are still leading Revolution and all that comes with leading a faith community. We’re part of the Emergent conversation and really enjoy the variety of relationships that are blossoming from that.

We are taking a trip to England in November as a family which we are VERY excited about. It’s part vacation, part ministry scouting. We have an itch to move to England in the next couple years and want to see what it might hold for us there. Our Mission organization is working on a base in London and we’re excited to connect with some “virtual” friends as well.

So yeah, nothing new I guess hehe. I usually log funny things the kids say and other stuff over at my main hub site makeesha.com and all my deeper spiritual conversation stuff is at swingingfromthevine.com


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