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Tony Jones is a real person…I think

Emergent Gathering reflections 3

Part 1 How I lost at Pac-Man and defeated big Bible hill

Part 2 Sprouted bagels, knit caps and communities called Seven

I realized after the Gathering that I never actually met Tony Jones even though he was there Wednesday and Thursday. I did however go chat with Holly for a bit out on the patio of the Chuck Wagon (basically a glorified concession stand) and Tony was also there talking with them. I might have nodded at him and smiled.

So I’m pretty sure Tony Jones is indeed a real person…but I can’t be positive.

I’m also tagging on another thought - the handful of kiddos who were there are SUPER CUTE! It was neat to see that we weren’t the only family with kids there and it was also nice that Shayel had friends to play with. The Fisher family could be seen always pushing a stroller, each person with his/her own water bottle and a backpack. The girls each carried their own which contained a wealth of toys and games that they happily shared with the other kids at conversations and informational meetings. So there’s a free parent tip for you - backpacks - and teach your children young to carry their own. Aliyah who is 2 was awesome at carrying her little purple and green polka dot toddler sized back pack all by herself. The other tip? Leapsters. The leapster was a big hit.

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  1. Bill — October 16, 2007 #

    What a challenge! The sum of 4 + 8 = 10 + 2, right?

    Dear Makeesha,

    I’ve just read your “I believe” page and couldn’t comment there. However, I wanted to let you know how deeply I appreciate your levelheadedness and sweet spirit.

    God bless you, dear sis!


  2. sonja — October 16, 2007 #

    Okay … I will restrain my rant against Leapster and just very kindly and firmly suggest that you read this book: Your Child’s Growing Mind: Brain Development and Learning from Birth to Adolescence by Jane Healy. Leapster is fine in very small and very constrained amounts. But …. it’s as bad as television for your children. And that’s all I’m gonna say ’bout dat. Because I might just have to find a soapbox otherwise. ;-)

  3. Mak — October 16, 2007 #

    hehe..yeah, i’ve read it all. and we let our kids watch tv and dvds too ;)

  4. Mak — October 16, 2007 #

    thanks so much bill - you’re a blessing and always have the right words of encouragement at the right times. bless you too bro!

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