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need book recommendations

I have 2 pairs of friends getting married in the next year and I need recommendations for good sex and marriage books (1 couple has been living together, the other couple has not) - you all know my feelings about traditionalist ideas of marriage and sexuality and my friends share my views so I don’t want the kind of complemtarian, stereotyped stuff that was given to me when I got married.

I especially need a good “how to” sex book for the “uninitiated” hehe - the one we got when we were engaged was ok but not great.

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  1. Bec — September 11, 2007 #

    Well… funny to be typing this, but apparently ‘Sheet Music’ is quite good (not sure if it’s just a how-to). Kevin Leman. I’m only going off word of mouth here - I do have the book, but haven’t read it quite yet.
    as for others… Boundries in Marriage was good as was/is Sacred Marriage but yeh, nothing outstanding.

  2. Jonathan Brink — September 11, 2007 #

    My parents gave me Intended for Pleasure by Ed and Gaye Wheat, MD. It’s actually both, dealing with intimacy and sex.

  3. sonja — September 11, 2007 #

    Most of the Christian stuff I’ve ever read on the subject has just been so much crap. Sorry … I know that’s darn near heretical. But it is. The best book I ever saw was hidden in my mother’s dresser when I was growing up … The Joy of Sex. It’s really good …

  4. Mak — September 11, 2007 #

    thanks y’all.

    sonja, I know huh? I’ve never gotten around to getting that one but I hear it’s great. I should pop over to the marriage bed site and see if they have recommendations. ..that just occurred to me

  5. kay — September 11, 2007 #

    It has been awhile since I read it, but when I managed a book store a few years back the “Sex for Dummies” book by Dr. Ruth was pretty good. It was candid, but full of humor, and covered everything from the traditional stuff to sex toys.

    The Joy of Sex is an all time best seller.

    I just finished Rob Bell’s “Sex God.” It blew me away. Within one reading I was able to look at my husband with fresh eyes and see things from his point of view, as well as mine. Highly recommended.

  6. Mak — September 11, 2007 #

    thank you Kay. I need to read Bell’s book, I’ve heard some really good reviews so far.

  7. Paul — September 12, 2007 #

    the marriage book is great : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/05/30/wafg30.xml

    Marriage as God intended is also very good:

    A celebration of sex


  8. jim — September 12, 2007 #

    “The Guide to Getting It On” Its got some ‘questionable’ things that some christians might object too but if you can get past or ignore those chapters in general its a great and educational book.

  9. Paul — September 14, 2007 #

    seems that i totally posted the wrong links to me first two book recs - men can’t multitask :)

  10. Joy — October 5, 2007 #

    She Comes First by Ian Kerner

    Good Husband, Great Marriage by Robert Mark Alter

    Oh, I had one more and forgot it… I’ll come back if I remember it.

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