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Go grace!!!

Someone posted some images about what he thinks the emerging church is.

Grace responded in kind.



  1. Paul — July 27, 2007 #

    grin, i kinda like both sets, the first set remind me not to take emergent too seriously and Grace’s remind me to take God seriously :)

  2. Mak — July 27, 2007 #

    the first set was creative - that’s the best I can give it.

  3. Ariah Fine — July 27, 2007 #

    Now I like that.

  4. Jamie Arpin-Ricci — July 28, 2007 #


    “the first set was creative - that’s the best I can give it.” You are generous and patient, is all I can say. I have chosen to go with “If you have nothing nice to say…”. (wink)

    Grace’s posters are wonderful!


  5. Jonathan Brink — July 29, 2007 #


    I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Each one seemed to capture the good and the bad of the point.

  6. alan hirsch — July 30, 2007 #

    Mak, has anyone said you have rather haunting eyes! Kinda look right through me! Even in the picture.

    Thanks for posting on this. I sometimes wonder how some people spend creative time on just being plain nasty. What a waste!

  7. Mak — July 30, 2007 #

    no, I don’t think haunting ever came in the description. But I CAN see you *smirk*

    you should see my daughter’s eyes, I’ll see if I can find a good picture and post it.

  8. Mak — July 30, 2007 #

    oh and yeah alan, spending creative energy to be nasty is sort of weird but I guess I can appreciate it a bit more than spending time just talking nasty. As a graphic artist, I can appreciate using one’s talents to critique something they feel strongly about…I just think this person is misinformed (like most in the conservative evangelical camp) about the emerging church. But whatever, I’m just glad that our grace did so well in response. If I get the time I might put up a few of my own.

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