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so do you really KNOW?…

please indulge me in a little soul spew here.

I have a story, I’m living in it. I’m adding my story to God’s. I join with others on the eternal journey who have gone before, who are now and who will be to come The never ending dance and our stories join together and we share them. We serve and love together living in the tension of distinct personalities and opinions, matters of conscience and matters of preference.

We live in faith communities together trying to live well in that same tension. Tony Jones quoted a friend who called it the “paradoxy” - living well in the paradoxical places. I don’t believe anyone on this earth had or has it all right…not in doxis or praxis or ecclesiology or missiology or christology or eschatology…And while I believe we all can do our best to live close to the heart of God as individuals and within our communities, and while we can say “this is best for me at this season”, none of us has the understanding to fully rightfully judge the “true” or “perfect” doctrine or church for all people in all times.

We, all of us, see dimly. Even the desert fathers and mothers and indeed all the Church leaders back to the first have had the humility to profess their doubts, to express that they may find when they fall at God’s feet that they had many things very very wrong.

We are flawed, fallen and ultimately and totally reliant on God’s grace…no matter our “brand” of Christianity. To claim to not have doubts, to always be 100% sure of everything regarding God and faith and doctrine is to claim to be god…or at the least it’s dishonest. And all of this leads me where I am now. Broken, soul sick and in desperate need of the Divine to intervene and intercede on my behalf.


  1. Paul — June 27, 2007 #

    that’s one of the most encouraging images i find in the bible, the Son and the Spirit constantly in prayer for us - i find it beautifully reasuring that they think i need all the guidance, comfort, intervention they can offer and i’m often just none the wiser.

  2. Mak — June 27, 2007 #

    I agree Paul

  3. Dianne — June 28, 2007 #

    Great post again. I didn’t “get it” until I read The Ragamuffin Gospel. This is awesome: “Broken, soul sick and in desperate need of the Divine to intervene and intercede on my behalf.”

    Funny how we think God needs us.

  4. Mak — June 29, 2007 #

    Thanks Dianne.

    I think that’s the beauty of it all - - we desperately need God, and while it’s true that God doesn’t need us necessarily, he intentionally set it up so that he uses us, allows us to co-create and co-mission with him in advancing his Kingdom, which is really beautiful.

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