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is anything “special” anymore?

No Impact Man posts some great thoughts about whether or not the ability to have everything NOW is progress.

When I was studying Eastern Orthodoxy (purely for my own academic pursuit), fasting came up quite a bit. The EOC has many different fast and feast days coinciding with the Church calendar and other rituals and rites.

There was a time in our not so distant personal past when we couldn’t afford to eat. We would joke that we’d just call it a fast. There is something very different about fasting when you could easily have that thing you are fasting.

Perhaps our Church Fathers weren’t so off base after all. Maybe a little bit of intentional self denial serves the purpose of making things special again, allowing us to be TRULY grateful again.

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  1. David — May 15, 2007 #

    I can’t afford a new tattoo. That’s fasting…sort of.

  2. Mak — May 15, 2007 #


  3. Mak — May 15, 2007 #

    for the record, I suck at intentionally deferring gratification.

  4. Anna — May 15, 2007 #

    Interesting you mentioned Orthodoxy…..as I’ve been reading about your journey I thought, “Watch out…they’re right for converting!” ;-) Meaning, you fit the bill for the young, educated (former) protestant type who do convert to the EOC.

    God be with you,


  5. Mak — May 15, 2007 #

    anna - hehe…well, I’ve gotten away from slamming doors closed…so I won’t say never but it’d be a tough “sell” ;)

  6. Paul — May 15, 2007 #

    what if they threw in a free tat for david and a lifetime supply of environ friendly panty liners (in black of course)??? ;)

  7. Lily — May 15, 2007 #

    Re David’s comment: LOL, me neither.

    Great point here. Wow. My husband complains about this in me all the time, i.e. “Why does everything have to be NOW…?”

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