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unnatural love?

I think I have an unnatural love for artichokes - - the fresh kind - - the real kind - - that you put in a big pot and steam and devour by dipping in melted butter, scraping off the meaty flesh from the tips of the leaves until you get to the sweet heart at the center. mmmmm…

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  1. Katie — April 23, 2007 #

    Now I want some artichokes! Thanks a lot! :-) But that requires going to the store to get one… quite a delema!

  2. Mak — April 23, 2007 #

    LOL…I know, it sucks when you crave something but you’re too lazy to go get it. Sorry, I’d bring you one but I ate the last one for lunch

  3. John Smulo — April 23, 2007 #

    Totally love artichokes but…………..not the hearts. Yeah, I’m weird. But you already knew that :-)

  4. Paul — April 24, 2007 #

    we are still talking about the vegetable, right? right? ;)

  5. Dan Morehead — April 24, 2007 #

    Doesn’t sound unnatural…at least not yet…

  6. Mak — April 24, 2007 #

    yes John, that is weird. hehe.

    paul - - I don’t know, is artichoke a vegetable? I imagine it is. hehe

    Dan - - hehe…good to know.

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