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I wanna go

To this. SOOOOOOO bad.

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  1. jim — April 23, 2007 #

    Ditto! but no budget or time left for me this year to pull that one off…waaaaah.

  2. Mak — April 23, 2007 #

    same here. We’re saving for a trip to England next year…that’s gonna be hard enough.

  3. Katie — April 23, 2007 #

    TOTALLY! Except for that whole not having any money and the whole school thing… ugh! Plus, England will be more fun anyway!

  4. Rob — April 23, 2007 #

    Way cool! Thanks for the heads up — and let me know if you’re going…

  5. Mak — April 23, 2007 #

    There will be a season when David and I will be able to go to conferences and meet friends all over the world…but alas, now is not the season. And yes Katie, England will be more fun I imagine.

  6. dave — April 23, 2007 #

    Yea… I want to be there also. Not sure if the money/vacation time will be there, but we shall see…

  7. Mak — April 23, 2007 #

    I hope so Dave - - that would be great for you!

  8. jim — April 24, 2007 #

    I love england! But the exchange rate is definitely not in your favor. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

    If you have time and $$ you have absolutely got to go to Iona (though that’s in Scotland…)

  9. Mak — April 24, 2007 #

    jim - - I know, that is a bummer. I want to go to both Ireland and Scotland but I doubt that will be on the agenda

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