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I must say, after a scrooge-filled, albeit well intentioned, couple of years of self righteous indignation about “Christmas” and it’s “pagan roots”, we have fully embraced this holiday and everything it brings with it…including buying many gifts for the kiddos. (although, some might think that a pair of pj’s each, a book each and a [...]
Today, we were watching a little animated version of the birth of Jesus and after, she told us this story. Shayel was sitting in her garden planting flowers when the wise men appeared. Shayel was scared but they said, don’t be scared. A bad man took baby Jesus so Shayel chased the bad man and killed [...]
Dan over at Before the Tense posted his thoughts about emergent and liberal theology…and they are fantastic, so pop over there and have a gander. Here’s a taste The amazing thing about the emergent movement is that it strives to be humble and say “This is where i am at in ther journey, and I am open [...]
What if we decided to focus on ONE THING. What if we focused on helping that person to slow down enough to listen to God? And then we don’t need to convict them of those things, because they’re in relationship with God- and he can do all the convicting that they need.HT: Topher I [...]
Sometimes I read something and I agree so strongly I start talking aloud to the monitor - this is one of those times. If our unity lies in agreeing upon common theological principles then we can forget ever getting much done, we will be left forever arguing over what those principles are - and making sure [...]
By and large, my entire life is a chaotic cacophony of noise. At any given moment, we could be doing any number of things and it can change instantaneously. The beauty of rhythm is that it can give flexible structure to noise and make it music without changing the actual sounds. Rhythm feels more natural, more organic [...]
Dan Kimball/Vintage Faith gives kudos to Bob Whitesel and his book Inside the Organic Church for actually visiting “emerging” type churches as research for his book. This is one thing Whitesel has to say: “Much of the criticism about the emerging organic church has focused upon the worries and reservations that, due to their engagement with postmodern [...]
The hubby was thinking aloud the other day about how the emerging church might be getting too liberal - or might be on a slope toward universalism or relativism or whatnot. I expressed an idea that maybe we’re not really getting more liberal, but perhaps some of the newfound “generous orthodoxy” in Christianity and the more [...]