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liberal theology continued

Dan over at Before the Tense posted his thoughts about emergent and liberal theology…and they are fantastic, so pop over there and have a gander.

Here’s a taste

The amazing thing about the emergent movement is that it strives to be humble and say “This is where i am at in ther journey, and I am open to God Correcting me.”
This is Scary! I can here people say “But what about (insert issue here)” and needing an answer. But I don’t think it is that easy. We can have convictions, but just because we have convictions doesn’t mean that they are applicable to everyone or even that they are from God. I assume that Satan has some pretty stong convictions too.

I know that I love God as much as I can at this moment. I know that God loves me, that Jesus lived a life as fully man and fully God and set the “kingdom standard” for living - for living a life that is full and generous and gracious and peaceful and kind, and most of all, transformative. I believe that this is the best life to live and I want to share my experiences in this journey of growing and becoming more like Christ because I also believe in the value and worth of each individual and that they are so precious and loved that they deserve to be sought.

I believe that God’s Spirit empowers me on this journey and that I am not alone - that I have the Spirit and I have others. I believe that on my own I can do little but with God and others I can bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. I know that this world is truly f’d up (thanks to the fall) in more ways than I can count but there is hope and that hope lies in Jesus - lived out on this earth through us. Life here and now and life for eternity.
So while I might not know it all, and my attempts at understanding and communicating the few things I do know are feeble, I’m ok with that. In fact, I think it’s glorious because it shows what a truly infinite and amazing God I love and serve.

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