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Last year, I had a few friends going through some really difficult situations and were experiencing a lot of "where is God?" moments, and instead of trying to have all the answers, I felt it was more important to share my own doubts. So in the spirit of "I'm not perfect" that I started yesterday, I post it again for you today.
(Thoughts inspired in part by: Barna - Is American Christianity Turning Charismatic HT: Brother Maynard) This post won’t be terribly cohesive, just a hodge podge of thoughts..so don’t say I didn’t warn you For those who don’t know, I grew up Assemblies of God and then Non Denominational Word of Faith Charismatic. I have [...]
Taking a cue from Sonja, I’m going to link to the most popular posts according to Google Analytics. They’re not necessarily the most “active” in terms of conversation but they’re the most often read as far as I can tell. Enjoy I’ll be back after the new year with exciting and life changing [...]
You’ve got to listen to the most recent episode of “Speaking of Faith”. Tippett is speaking with Dr. Harvey Cox, a professor and theologian at Harvard and there is so much good stuff in there. At around 38 minutes he starts talking about the “religion of the market” or the market as god and his [...]
picture used with permission from imageafter a Maasai Creed thanks to Mike We believe in the one High God, who out of love created the beautiful world and everything good in it. He created man and wanted man to be happy in the world. God loves the world and every nation and tribe on the earth. We [...]
Thanks to John Mayer for a “soundtrack” that could go along with my post below. (HT: Joy) Is there anyone who Ever remembers changing there mind from The paint on a sign? Is there anyone who really recalls Ever breaking rank at all For something someone yelled real loud one time Everyone believes In how they think it ought to be Everyone believes And they’re [...]
There has been a good discussion going on over on my mothering message board and I wanted to share my thoughts here. The question was raised about “sin issues” and if the struggle was “God ordained” or if it was a result of a human failing (in other words, if I continue to struggle with anger [...]
The pastor I noted below was talking about how Christians go out and “love people” all the time. We’re called to love, we’re called to “outreach” but consistently, people outside Christianity do not feel loved. Why? Because we are always giving, we are never humble enough to accept that we need to receive from them [...]