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Please consider supporting my friend and fellow Revolutionary Dan on his mission to Madagascar. This is a really unique thing Dan is doing and we’re so proud of him (not like we had anything to do with it but you know… hehe). Click here to go to Dan’s personal page on World Venture’s website.
…hang with me y’all, it’s not gonna get kooky My blog buddy hamo has a fantastic post that truly is inspired. We really have to stop this nonsense talk about taking the world for Christ when most of us don’t even know our own next door neighbours. And we need to stop expecting God [...]
Much of theology in the States seems to be about “reaching out” - “Jesus and the woman at the fringes of her culture” or “Paul learning about and adapting and reaching out to the Greeks culture” whereas in the UK the new forms seem to be emerging because Christians feel we are “the woman” or [...]
by Fred Peatross First, an apology. I agreed to read and review this book that Fred so generously sent me and it has taken me an embarrassingly long time to do it. I apologize to Fred for this. If the missional movement were to have a clear, concise and fresh handbook, this book would surely be it. [...]
I love this from Rick as he reflects on their community wrestling with luke 10:1-12 If the farmer worked like the current church, he would: Plow in the barn; Plant in the barn; Pray that it would rain in the barn; Harvest in the barn; and, then burn down the barn and call it revival! Let me contrast this with what you [...]
As a human I am post modern As a post modern, my religion is Christianity As a Christian I am a post charismatic (not anti charismatic) post evangelical As a post charismatic post evangelical, I am emerging in how I think about my faith and spirituality As an emerging post charismatic post evangelical emerging Christian I am part of [...]
I have done it and I have had it done to me (how’s that for passive voice? take THAT Mrs. Herder hehe) - the question “so how many people do you have?” or “how are you growing?” or any number of variations. On my way to pick up my kindergarten kiddo from school (I have a [...]
I posted a “missional manifesto” some time ago for Revolution. I’ll revamp it at some point I’m sure but you can see it here. I wanted to share a “short” version though of what it means to ME to live the mission. Live and love well on purpose in my space.