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I’m getting to the point where I’m going to have to start making some priority choices regarding what to do with my time. I have lots of ideas and responsibilities and then a bunch of other peripheral stuff clinging for life to the edges of my reality. I think it’s time to drag in some of [...]
ok, I have to say it because it’s really the only appropriate response for this - HOLY SHIT
I’ve been busy with stuff taking care of things thinking about things overwhelmed by stuff living out the stuff we talk about …so yeah, that’s about it Seriously though, I’m neck deep in yarn - knitting up Christmas gifts (that’s right family, you all get hand knitting gifts this year - get ready to LOVE ME! hehe), I took on [...]
I’m going to vent here because anytime I mention it to my husband he acts like a dork. It’s been consistently in the mid-high 70s here - and it’s almost NOVEMBER! The average for this time of year is 50s and we’ve only been there a few times. It depresses me, esp. since I have to [...]
If you’ve been trying to comment in the past couple days and couldn’t, please accept my apologies. I’ve been playing with templates. It’s all ok now.
Some of you may have seen this posted on other blogs. If this applies to you, please take the time to help Barb out with her research so that her results can be an accurate reflection of this situation. Barb Orlowski is in the Doctor of Ministry program at A.C.T.S. Seminaries in Langley, B.C., Canada. In [...]
We’re back from the Gathering. Shayel was sort of “off” all week and got sick again Thursday night. We both had a strong urge to go home so we decided to drive through the night. She got better after we got over the pass so we both have a sneaky suspicion it was altitude sickness…poor [...]